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Choosing the Right Gear Can Save Your Life and Your Wallet

I know I've said it before but just as a reminder, not all gear is created equal. When we began this endeavor we made a promise not to sell junk. We pursued relationships with manufacturers that offered the best gear, best customer service, and a passion to take care of the end user. I've worn gear and I've put my ass on the line once or twice (I'm no ninja but I've worked with a couple). I know what its like to get gear that you hate and wonder "who the fawk ordered this stuff?" That being said, I find it interesting that teams still buy rifle plates that do less but weigh more and cost more, helmets that have half the warranty and twice the weight, comms that aren't even in the same league as Atlantic Signal, and carriers that come off the shelf and onto your back without much thought of where, what, and how it will be used. You owe it to your team and yourself to look at everything out there but, you also owe it to your team and yourself to do your homework and not just fall for a slick sales pitch or a pretty face (I have neither of the two). At R.O.I. we are here to help, even if you just use us for some info. Our allegiance is to the men and women holding the line and keeping us safe. Thank you for what you do.

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