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This week I attended the Special Operations Medical Association’s (SOMA) Scientific Assembly conference. If you've never been, I will use the words from the SOMA president's letter to give an overview of the organization......"Since its formation more than two decades ago, SOMA has endeavored to advance the art and science of Special Operations Medicine. During that time, we have grown from a small but dedicated group of like-minded SOF medical providers meeting in one hotel conference room in Fayetteville NC, to Tampa FL and now Charlotte NC......While we have grown, SOMA’s mission remains the same: To improve the capability of the SOF Medical Operator and to serve as a Combat Enabler for US Special Operations Forces. Our program is focused on exactly that. As large combat operations wind down in Afghanistan, SOF forces are facing some new and some old threats evolving around the world, both in and outside declared areas of armed conflict. Regardless of the threat, we will certainly face the tyranny of distance, difficult evacuations, immature theaters, and prolonged field care scenarios as challenges."

I'll admit that it took a little getting used to not hanging around the Marriott Waterside lobby bar or on the JTM "mega yacht", but Charlotte was a great time. It was good to see old friends and share stories. My trip to SOMA this year was on behalf of Panakeia and RevMedx.

Panakeia and RevMedx continue to be innovators in the development of products for the SOF medical and tactical medical community. There was an obvious buzz around our booth as attendees stopped by looking for information on products like XSTAT, the SAROS oxygen concentrator, the RevMedx Shark Bite Kit, Phokus Research Kits, OS1st compression sleeves, and more.

Thank you to everyone that stopped by the booth and thank you to the men and women who serve and have served.

On this Memorial Day weekend Rescue Operations International would like to extend a special thanks to the men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice in the service of our great nation. Never forget.

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