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The ability to work in the dark has always been an advantage in combat. The ability to work in the dark without traditional illumination e.g. flashlight or visible lasers, is a game changer. Not that long ago, thermal imagery and night vision were a commodity available to only the most elite military and law enforcement teams. Most of the tactical teams around the country found the equipment to be cost prohibitive and the application to the mission was not readily identified. Thankfully a few things have changed. As the technology evolved and inventories increased we saw pricing for NVG's and thermal imagers begin to come down. In addition, as veterans returned from combat and into civilian law enforcement, they brought with them the knowledge of working under night vision and thermals, and the many different ways these tools could be used in a tactical situation.

At R.O.I. Group, we continuously try to identify new trends and technologies that make it safer, and more efficient, for law enforcement and military teams to do their job. As a result, we have teamed up with Steiner Optics to bring the end user cutting edge IR, eOptics, lasers, and scopes. In addition, we have also teamed up with NightOps Tactical to fill that gap for night vision equipment, thermal imagers, and more. Both of these companies have an excellent reputation for quality, dependability, and most of all putting the needs of the end users first. Through this partnership R.O.I. can provide products like the Steiner Optics Dual Beam Aiming Lasers (DBAL A3 & A4), the R1X Red Dot Battlesight, and many more great items. We also now have access to great equipment like the FLIR ThermoPro PTS 233 weapon mounted thermal optic, DTNVG OMNI VIII nigh vision goggles from NightOps Tactical, and many, many more products.

We enjoy doing demos, getting on the range, and moving through the shoot house. Hit us up to check out the equipment from these great manufacturers and let us help you to "Own the Night".

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