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Bump and Ballistic Protection All in an Ultra Lightweight Package

The concept of a bump helmet rarely conjured up any thoughts of ballistic protection and vice versa. One helmet was typically used for bump protection but offered no real ballistic protection and another helmet served to give the wearer ballistic protection but offered little bump or impact protection from blunt projectiles. Thankfully, this has changed due to the creation of the Ultra Lightweight High Cut Ballistic Helmet with D30 padding from 3M. The Ultra Lightweight High Cut Ballistic Helmet with D30 padding comes in at approximately 1.26 lbs and when combined with the D30 padding system from 3M, offers not only an extremely lightweight ballistic helmet but it also offers ANSI certified blunt impact protection as well.

Why are both of these attributes so important? Think back to the civil unrest in Ferguson, Missouri. Field Force teams were dispatched to handle the unruly crowds and in doing so, were properly equipped with Field Force protective equipment including riot helmets (blunt impact helmets with face shields). However, when gunfire rang out from the crowd, the SWAT team was called up to respond. As with most SWAT teams, their helmets offered ballistic protection but most likely little to no protection against the bottles and bricks being thrown their way. It is a requirement that law enforcement agencies provide their personnel with the appropriate level of personal protective equipment to meet the threat they respond to. The 3M Ultra Lightweight High Cut Ballistic Helmet with D30 padding will help to meet that requirement in one tidy light weight package.

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